Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pillow Fun

I love to find fabric at Target for pillows.  What's that, you say?  It's not a fabric store?  Right you are.  But, I'm in love with so many of their fabrics in their table linens section that I pretend it's a fabric store, so it all works out.  I've used Target table cloths as curtains before (more than once), and I love to turn their placemats and napkins into pillow covers.  Often, the fabric patterns are the same as what they sell on their actual pillows for a whole lot more just an aisle over.  Sometimes it's as easy as seam ripping open a placemat end, stuffing a pillow form in there, and sewing it back up.  But, I decided to try something different this time and made a removable (and thus washable) envelope pillow cover.  I found a set of four napkins in a fabric I liked.  I only used three for this pillow.  One was the front of the pillow cover.  Then I overlapped two on the back to make the envelope side.  Then I pinned it all together, cut off the excess and sewed a few straight lines.  Voila!  I beautiful pillow cover that's removable and easy to make.  And here are a few pictures.  Here's the seam on the back (using the finished edges of the napkins, so I didn't even have to worry about sewing them myself):
Here's the backside: 
And here's the front:
Super easy and inexpensive.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Dining Room Makeover

When we moved into this house a year ago, and it was the nicest house we've ever lived in, so I was kind of afraid to make any big changes.  I think I'm over that now, and I realize that it's our house and we can make it reflect who we are, instead of trying to "not ruin" some perfectly fine and beautiful finishes that don't fit us.  So, the dining room got a makeover.  I painted all of the trim/casings/doors Behr's Ultra Pure White to replace all the cream/off-white color that was in there.  I took down the gorgeous plantation shutters to spray them bright white and put them back up, but I found that I actually really loved the open windows which allow a beautiful view of where we live.  So, I left them off.  I painted the walls Benjamin Moore's Ashwood, color matched to Behr paint and Home Depot.  I also replaced all the outlets and light switches from almond to white.  The table and chairs is a separate post, but I love them, too.  This space is so light and bright and airy now.  It totally fits me and makes me happy.  Here's the before and after: