Monday, August 5, 2013

Sneak Peak

I've been busy making this room...

(this is what it looked like when we walked through the house)

...look like this:

I still have several things to do to the room before it's officially finished, but I wanted to document the progress that I've made so far, because I'm pretty excited about it.  A certain 10 year old girl is pretty excited about the whole thing, too.


  1. Awesome! Shauna did you make the head board or where did you find it? I know a little girl who would love something like that, and a mommy who likes to do that kind of stuff

  2. Hey, Ryan. I just bought 3 yards of fabric on Amazon here: and it was the exact amount of fabric I needed. I just made basically a big pillowcase out of it and slipped it over the existing headboard. It took about 3 minutes total. The headboard underneath is actually the side of our old crib, but if you don't already have a headboard to cover, it is really easy to make one using just a piece of plywood, some foam, fabric, and a staple gun. There are tons of good tutorials out there, but this should get you started: Like I said, it was a crazy fast project, but so fun!

  3. Delightful room and beautiful blogspot, Shauna!