Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dressing the Dresser

I decorated the pink dresser! It probably won't stay this way forever, because let's face it, I have decorating ADHD, but for now, I'm enjoying it. I spray painted the mirror (which used to hang in our entryway in our old house and was white) Antique Gold, because gold is kind of all the rage in decorating right now and also because I had a can of Antique Gold spray paint that my mother-in-law gifted me a few years ago. Then, I stuck a lamp in the mix. That lamp used to be glass and brass, until I got a can of black spray paint on it. Then a picture of my youngest and a framed saying that I found on Pinterest finish out the look.  Oh, and that Be-YOU-tiful sign was a Girl's Camp craft this summer.    Also, a couple of her paper creations to make it her own. Okay, and one more thing before I turn you loose on the pictures. The mirror is smudged. I know. It bugs me, too. Just not enough to go clean it and take more pictures. Okay? Okay then. Thanks for your understanding.

Only a couple more tweeks, and the room will be done.  Yay!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dresser Redo

I'm still working on my youngest's room redo. I decided to bring in a dresser that we were using in the living room:
I L.O.V.E. this dresser.  I got it on (the classified section) for $50 a year or so ago, spray painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze, painted the dresser Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue (LOVE that color), and it is seriously one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  The picture above is from our last house, but we were using it very similarly in the living room of our current home.  Mr. Jones and I decided that a desk would serve us better in our living room here, so I pulled this guy into my youngest's room, because I liked the scale of it better than the white one that was currently in there:
That white dresser is mine from childhood, by the way.  I still love it and will find another place in the house for it.  But, for this room redo, the blue dresser was the perfect match.  Except for the blue.  As much as I adore Wythe Blue, it just didn't go in this gray and pink space.  So, I pulled out the Priscilla (Sherwin Williams) pink paint that I used to paint the stripe around the room, mixed it with some lighter pink paint that I used in my oldest's room (Benjamin Moore's Wild Aster), and came up with a pale, soft pink that I love!  
You can kind of tell in this next photo, but it's so subtle that it's hard to photograph, I painted the drawers in varying gradients of pink, starting with the darkest on the bottom, then adding the lighter paint to the mix the farther I went up.  Like I said, it's very subtle, but it makes me happy to have ombre drawers.

So, now we're one step closer to a finished room.  I have some fun stuff up my sleeves for this space.  I can't wait to see it all come together!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three Months

We've been living the country life for 3 months now.  In some ways it still feels like we just arrived, or that we're still on some crazy vacation, but in other ways it feels like it's been so much longer than three months.  We jumped right into life here, immediately being given opportunities to serve at church and getting right to work making our house our home.  I went on an early morning run with a neighbor (who lives a couple of miles away) this morning and had one of the best runs I've had since we moved here.  I finally know the area well enough to have suggested our route, and the brutal hills we live in didn't seem quite as bad as they have up til now.  I am feeling more comfortable running in this area, which is nice.  For a long time after we got here, I was nervous to run anywhere, because so many people have dogs and so few people fence them.  I didn't know the area, and I was not used to running alone.  The hills were pretty defeating for my morale, too.  So many of them are so steep and long, and I couldn't get up any of them without walk breaks.  I'm still finding my footing as a runner in this new place, but it's slowly getting better.  And the country views along the way are amazing.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sneak Peak

I've been busy making this room...

(this is what it looked like when we walked through the house)

...look like this:

I still have several things to do to the room before it's officially finished, but I wanted to document the progress that I've made so far, because I'm pretty excited about it.  A certain 10 year old girl is pretty excited about the whole thing, too.