Friday, July 5, 2013

The Dining Area

Next up on Project Make This House Feel Like Us is the dining area. It was the same dark brown as in the music room, and although it looks quite pretty in this picture (which was on the flyer when we looked at the house):

it was actually a lot more orangy brown looking and not my style at all. I sat on it for several weeks, and then one day grabbed the lighter taupe paint of which the previous home owners had left us 5 gallons and started painting it.

It was amazing how quickly the space felt like ours and no longer felt like the previous owners'.  I don't know if you notice in the photo above, but I also changed out the light shades on the lamp.  At first I felt like this chandelier would need to be replaced to make it feel more modern and fit the space better, but then I realized that if I replaced the light shades, it would go a long way in creating the look I liked without the cost of replacing the whole chandelier.  So, for less than $6 a pop, I was able to change the look of the chandelier:

The seeded glass light shades are a nod to the seeded glass in our front door and in a kitchen cupboard. The glass ties in to the touches I already love in the house and changes the whole feel of the chandelier.

That leaves just the living room that still has the offending brown color.  Guess what's up next? :)

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