Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trail Running

I've always been a pound the pavement kind of runner.  I run on roads and sidewalks, and except for the occasional gravel or dirt road during a Ragnar race, I stick to pavement.  Moving to the country has placed me right next to a huge system of trails, though.  And I found some runners in the neighborhood who were willing to let me tag along on my first (and now second) trail runs.  Holy cow!  It's a very different kind of running than road running, and I'm really loving it.  Steep hills, dusty trail, the occasional jack rabbit and thistles in your socks, and a whole lot of heart pounding and sweating.  We only went 4 miles this morning, but it felt comparable to the 14 miles of roads I did last weekend.  They said in the winter they snowshoe the same trails.  I think I'm in for some fun times!  Here are my feet and socks after taking my shoes off this morning (and, no, that is not tan line on my ankles!):

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